Mixing machine, blender
PU, TPR, PP, PE, ABS and Other Plastic Hing-speed Mixer, Low-speed Mixer
Plastic mixer, high speed mixing machine
Low speed mixing machine, low-speed mixer
High low speed mixing machine
5-20L Small laboratory mixer
Vertical mixing machine, large mixer, stainless steel mixing machine
Color mixing machine, color masterbatch, color blending machine
    Grinding, crushing machine
Plastic, Rubber, Sponge, Etc. Granulation, Crushing, Pulverizing Whole Set Equipment
Model 150 Plastic crusher
Model 250 Plastic crusher
Model 300 Plastic crusher
Model 400 Plastic crusher
Model 500 Plastic crusher
Model 600 Plastic crusher
Model 700-1200 Plastic crusher
Crushing and cleaning machine
Sponge crusher
    Granulating machine, particle machine
PE film granulating machine, PP woven material pellet mill
PVC plastic granulator, PVC cable material granulator
tpr, tpv tpe pa nylon, pvc cable material, twin-screw granulator
TPR granulator, TPR soles granulation machine, TPR material back granulator
PVC transparent the granulator, transparent plastic pellet machine
EVA, TPR , PVC, Masterbatch, Plastics, Elastomers Set of High-speed Granulating Production Line(air-coolde/water-cooled)
PP, PE, PS, PA, masterbatch, rubber polymer materials experimental granulator
PS granulator, foam recovery granulation unit
Plastic pieces mixed refine granulator
Plastic pieces mixed refine granulator
EVA granulator
Tpr mixer granulator
Tpr Picture Machine granulator
Pvc two-stage cable material granulator
PE filler granulator
PP drawing master batch granulator
PE air-cooled eagerly granulator
Pp water-cooled granulator
foam granulation machine
    Mixer mechanical
X(S)N Pressure Flip-style Mixer
Open rubber mixing machine
Small pilot-type mixer, laboratory mixer
1 liter, 2 liters, 3L, 5 liter, 10L mixer
    Extrusion machines
Light tape Extruders,light bar extruder
PVC, PE car wiper sheath extruder, extruding machine
TPR rubber, PVC extrusion machine, rubber, extruding machine
PE, pp, PVC water-cooled zipper bump machine, extrusion machine
PVC air-filled type toothless zipper extruder
PVC extruder
LED rainbow tube extruder
PVC, TPR the polychromatic rubber extrusion machines
PVC luggage opening line extrusion machine
PE Hemming lines extruder
PVC bags sheet extrusion machine
PVC sheet extrusion machine, coil Extruders
Profile extrusion machine
Wire and cable extrusion machines
    Laboratory equipment
Plastic bottle labels to take off the marking machine
Water braces granulation water blow machine
Plastic film, sacks crushing material feeding machine
Double arm in type feeding machine
Small open mill, two roll machine
PVC, PE, EVA high-speed powder mixer + laboratory granulator
Test mixer + double pull granulator
    Auxiliary equipment
Rubber bucket elevator, Plastic bucket feeder, rubber hopper groups like conveyor
Plastic Granulator Auxiliary Equipment 1
Plastic Granulator Auxiliary Equipment 2
Mixing machine, kneading machine, refining machine Accessories
rubber mixing mill, knead close mixing mill, open mixing mill accessories
Eagerly die + electric screen changer die + hydraulic wind die
mixer bucket elevator machine + double pull feed
Plastic film, woven feeder
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